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The Wandering Bard

Custom Yuanti

Custom Yuanti

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Introducing the Yuanti! Inspired by the fierce serpent folk warriors this toothy maw features a deeply ridged and flared tongue, meeting an open gaping mouth at the base.

This monster has a very wide flat tongue designed to curl with use.

Designed and Sculpted by Monster Smash (Twitter @monstersmashtoy) & Nix (Twitter @ScaledSin) and Finished by ShopDad (Twitter @ShopDad2)

4 Sizes to fit most adventurers

  • X-Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

3 firmness options to choose from, this may feel firmer with bigger & thicker toys.

  • Super Soft 00-20 - Feels similar gummy candy
  • Soft 00-30 - Feels similar to a gel insole.
  • Medium 00-50 - Feels similar to a rubber eraser

Customize to fit your fantasy with a wide variety of colors and pour styles to chose from.

This is a hand poured made to order item, production time may vary.

All of our fantasy adult toys are made with body safe platinum cure silicone and ship discreetly in a plain brown box!

Please review our Shop Policies before purchasing


Approximate Measurements

X-Small Yuanti:
Head Base Circumference: 2" / 5cm ; Width Across: .75" / 1.8cm
Mid Shaft Circumference: 4.375" / 11.1cm ; Width Across: 1.75" / 4.5cm
Above Base Circumference: 5.625" / 14.3cm ; Width Across: 2.25" / 5.7cm
Usable Length: 4.375" / 11.2cm
Total Length: 5.25" / 13.3cm

Small Yuanti:
Head Base Circumference: 2.625" / 6.8cm ; Width Across: .875" / 2.2cm
Mid Shaft Circumference: 5.375" / 13.6cm ; Width Across: 2.175" / 5.5cm
Above Base Circumference: 6.75" / 17.2cm ; Width Across: 2.75" / 7cm
Usable Length: 5.125" / 13.1cm
Total Length: 6.5" / 16.5cm

Medium Yuanti::
Head Base Circumference: 2.75" / 7cm ; Width Across: 1" / 2.5cm
Mid Shaft Circumference: 5.875" / 15cm ; Width Across: 2.5" / 6.4cm
Above Base Circumference: 7.5" / 19.2cm ; Width Across: 3" / 7.7cm
Usable Length: 6" / 15.3cm
Total Length: 7.25" / 18.5cm

Large Yuanti: 
Head Base Circumference: 3.125" / 8cm ; Width Across: 1.25" / 3cm
Mid Shaft Circumference: 7" / 17.8cm ; Width Across: 3" / 7.5cm
Above Base Circumference: 9" / 23cm / ; Width Across: 3.675" / 9.3cm
Usable Length: 7.25" / 18.4cm
Total Length: 8.75" / 22.3cm

Color Chart

Pour Styles

Split - 1 Solid Color for the Tongue and 1 Solid Color For the Base

Full Marble - 2 Colors poured together to create ribbons of the colors throughout. An additional color can be added at an additional charge; this will be an accent color and may only show in small amounts.

Marble Swirl - 2 Colors Swirled together with lots of ribboning and feathering where they meet. An additional color can be added at an additional charge; this will be an accent color and may only show in small amounts

Marble Fade - 1 color at the tip of the tongue that marbles into the base color. An additional color can be added at an additional charge; this will be on the bottom of the base

Full Marble Split - Single color tongue and marbled head

Marble Fade Split - A marble fade tongue and single color head

Marble Swirl Split - A Marble Swirled tongue with a single color head

Specialty Pours

Rainbow Glow Fade & Reverse Rainbow Glow Fade - A rainbow glow fade with a solid single color base/head

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

What can I say, the Bards are the best to work with. They helped me finalize an idea with plenty of great suggestions and input, and they are extraordinarily quick. I couldn’t recommend them enough 3566473868/10

SSR Tier

By Far, this is the most unique toy I've ever come across, and absolutely LOVE it.
The design of this is just stunning, with a interesting shape of tongue, and perfectly sculpted head design. The pour came out beautifully and was seamless, Large is definitely the way to go with this beast. I Just cant help but keep it on display <3 100% Recommend

On the side- I have to say I was completely stunned on the customer service, the cast was poured and cured the day after ordering, with WIPS sent along the way. I received my new joy 3 days after ordering, best service I've ever received.

Piece of art

Yuanti is not only a toy but a piece of art. This is the most beautiful model Wandering Bard have put out and it's so lovely looking I'm considering a second purchase just to look at.

Excellent! Perfect sculpt and perfect pour

My Custom order turned out perfect, the Bards are attentive and kind as always :)
If you are on the fence about ordering you should do it, you will not be disappointed!

He's so pretty :]

What a beautiful toy! The details are gorgeous, pour is beautiful and slightly larger than expected. I got a medium and he's pretty hefty! Customer service was top notch as well, shipped super fast and arrived quickly. Feels awesome too. Just an amazing toy. Highly recommend!