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    Custom Centaur

    Custom Centaur

    This Custom Centaur will take your bedroom fantasies to the next level! Created from platinum silicone, this mythical, magical toy will turn your dreams into a reality. Get ready to enjoy a wild, mythical ride!

    This equine dildo features a thin rounded tip, a gradual flared shaft with a medial ring that meets a flared base.

    6 SizesTo Choose From

    • X-Small
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • X-Large
    • XX-Large

    3 firmness options to choose from, this may feel firmer with bigger & thicker toys.

    • Super Soft 00-20 - Feels similar gummy candy
    • Soft 00-30 - Feels similar to a gel insole.
    • Medium 00-50 - Feels similar to a rubber eraser

      Customize to fit your fantasy with a wide variety of colors and pour styles to chose from.

      This is a hand poured made to order item, production time may vary.

      All of our fantasy adult toys are made with body safe platinum cure silicone and ship discreetly in a plain brown box!

      Please review our Shop Policies before purchasing


      Approximate Measurements 

      X-Small Centaur:

      Head Flare Circumference: 3.375" / 8.5cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.07"
      Shaft Ring Circumference: 4.875" / 12.4cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.55"
      Above Base Circumference: 4.76" / 12.1cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.52"
      Usable Length: 5.75" / 14.6cm
      Total Length: 6.5" / 16.5cm

      Small Centaur:

      Head Flare Circumference: 4.25" / 10.8cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.35"
      Shaft Ring Circumference: 6.25" / 15.8cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.98"
      Above Base Circumference: 6" / 15.2cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.90"
      Usable Length: 7.25" / 18.4cm
      Total Length: 8" / 20.3cm

      Medium Centaur:

      Head Flare Circumference: 5" / 12.7cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.59"
      Shaft Ring Circumference: 7.25" / 18.4cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.31"
      Above Base Circumference: 6.75" / 17.1cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.14"
      Usable Length: 8.25" / 21cm
      Total Length: 9.25" / 23.5cm

      Large Centaur:

      Head Flare Circumference: 5.75" / 14.6 cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.83"
      Shaft Ring Circumference: 8.25" / 21 cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.63"
      Above Base Circumference: 8.125" / 20.6cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.58"
      Usable Length: 9.5" / 24.1cm
      Total Length: 10.75" / 27.3cm

      X-Large Centaur:

      Head Flare Circumference: 6.75" / 17.1cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.14"
      Shaft Ring Circumference: 9.625" / 24.4cm ; Avg Diameter: 3.06"
      Above Base Circumference: 9.375" / 23.9cm ; Avg Diameter: 3.00"
      Usable Length: 10.625" / 27cm
      Total Length: 12" / 30.4cm

      XX-Large Centaur:

      Head Flare Circumference: 7.5" / 19cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.38"
      Shaft Ring Circumference: 10.625" / 27cm ; Avg Diameter: 3.38"
      Above Base Circumference: 10.5" / 26.5 ; Avg Diameter: 3.32"
      Usable Length: 12" / 30.5cm
      Total Length: 13.75" /  34.9cm

      Color Chart

      Pour Styles

      To see more info about our pride pours please visit our blog post here: Pride Pours Are Here!!!

      Standard Pour Styles

      Split : The shaft will be the first color choice, and the base or slightly above will be another.

      Swirl :  Your two color choices are swirled from top to bottom of the pour.

      Marble Fade : Color 1 of your choice will be at the top, with a slight marble as it fades into color 2.

      Marbled Swirl : The colors are Swirled, with a decent amount of marbling happening, as well as some overlap.

      Full Marble : The two colors are marbled Randomly throughout the whole monster.

      Surprise Me : Give us colors you like and don't like, and we will pick a pour style for you!


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Cyan Gross
      Great toy!

      Colors turned out exactly how I expected them to be. So far this is absolutely my favorite wandering bard toy, the rib feels amazing and satisfying and the length has good texture.

      Very satisfied :)

      It was made and shipped super fast!! One thing that drew me to wandering bards is their custom color options and I'm so glad I finally ordered one, the colors are gorgeous and the marble fade is so pretty. Will def be ordering from them again! ^_^

      Amazing toy!

      Wandering Bard by far makes some of the best and prettiest products on the market. The reverse rainbow coloration is amazing, as is the toy itself. A magnificent addition to any collection!


      This thing is great and the colors are super pretty as always, I got melon glow in the second color I chose and it's centered around the medial ring in a cool way.

      Exactly What I Wanted!

      Awesome job with the pour, turned out just how I thought it would. Thanks!