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    Custom Tabaxi

    Custom Tabaxi

    This feline dildo features a Thin tapered & angled tip, straight shaft and gentle knot all loaded with lots of bumpy textured leading down to a flared base.

    5 Sizes to fit any adventurer

    • X-Small
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • X-Large

    3 firmness options to choose from, this may feel firmer with bigger & thicker toys.

    • Super Soft 00-20 - Feels similar gummy candy
    • Soft 00-30 - Feels similar to a gel insole.
    • Medium 00-50 - Feels similar to a rubber eraser

      Customize to fit your fantasy with a wide variety of colors and pour styles to chose from.

      This is a hand poured made to order item, production time may vary.

      All of our fantasy adult toys are made with body safe platinum cure silicone and ship discreetly in a plain brown box!

      Please review our Shop Policies before purchasing


      Approximate Measurements


      Head Base Circumference: 3.5" / 9cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.13"
      Mid Shaft Circumference: 3.5" / 9cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.13"
      Mid Knot Circumference: 4.675" / 11.8cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.48"
      Below Knot Circumference: 3.375" / 8.7cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.09"
      Usable Length: 4.75" / 12cm
      Total Length: 5.375" / 13.5cm


      Head Base Circumference: 4.5" / 11.5cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.44"
      Mid Shaft Circumference: 4.5" / 11.5cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.44"
      Mid Knot Circumference: 6" / 15.3cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.92"
      Below Knot Circumference: 4.375" / 11.2cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.40"
      Usable Length: 6.125" / 15.5cm
      Total Length: 6.875" / 17.5cm


      Head Base Circumference: 5.375" / 13.7cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.72"
      Mid Shaft Circumference: 5.375" / 13.7cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.72"
      Mid Knot Circumference: 7" / 17.9cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.24"
      Below Knot Circumference: 5.25" / 13.4cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.68"
      Usable Length: 6.875" / 17.6cm
      Total Length: 8.25" / 21cm


      Head Base Circumference: 6.25" / 15.8cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.98"
      Mid Shaft Circumference: 6.25" / 15.8cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.98"
      Mid Knot Circumference: 8.25" / 20.8cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.61"
      Below Knot Circumference: 6" / 15.3cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.92"
      Usable Length: 8" / 20.2cm
      Total Length: 9.375" / 23.7cm


      Head Base Circumference: 7.125" / 18.2cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.28"
      Mid Shaft Circumference: 7.125" / 18.2cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.28"
      Mid Knot Circumference: 9.5" / 24cm ; Avg Diameter: 3.01"
      Below Knot Circumference: 7" / 17.7cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.23"
      Usable Length: 9" / 23cm
      Total Length: 10.625" / 27cm

      Color Chart

      Pour Styles

      To see more info about our pride pours please visit our blog post here: Pride Pours Are Here!!!

      Standard Pour Styles

      Split : The shaft will be the first color choice, and the base or slightly above will be another.

      Swirl :  Your two color choices are swirled from top to bottom of the pour.

      Marble Fade : Color 1 of your choice will be at the top, with a slight marble as it fades into color 2.

      Marbled Swirl : The colors are Swirled, with a decent amount of marbling happening, as well as some overlap.

      Full Marble : The two colors are marbled Randomly throughout the whole monster.

      Surprise Me : Give us colors you like and don't like, and we will pick a pour style for you!


      by The Wandering Bard, specializing in premium sex toys since 2019.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Long Boi

      This is a great toy! The spurs at the tip are great for teasing and entrance. I purchased the medium and my only struggle is that the main shaft is too long before it reaches the girth of the knot. I find myself jack hammering my cervix just to even get half the knot in.

      Otherwise this is a fabulous toy! Especially for people who are menstruating but want to do the dirty to help with cramps and make their period pass faster. The smooth of the shaft feels great when compared to the spurs.


      Nicholas Rogue
      So amazing

      I got this as my first big toy. And I have absolutely loved it.

      Cute and perfect for a first time with knots

      This was a really cute find! I actually found out about this business through a "friend". I was a bit hesitant until I saw the Taxabi and couldn't stop myself from buying it. I had never had experience with a knot before or a toy with textures like this so I got mine super soft and extra small. It's amazing and I love how they did the marbling with blossom and gold like I wanted (ignore how I used my pants for a back drop). I almost want to put it on display with how pretty it is! If you're eyeing one of their products here then get it. I promise it'll be worth the pay and wait to have your own taxabi (or other monster that caught your eye)!


      It’s so pretty and well made, and feels fantastic! The turnaround time is astronomically quick, and it came with a cute bag and a SQUISHY D8 that I can CHUCK at people.
      It is very hefty, so I don’t recommend whacking yourself with one.

      Here kitty kitty...5 star quality, not my style

      Beautiful! This was pre-made, sometimes I can't come up with good ideas for a custom and think it's better to leave design to the experts...very pleased :) I ordered a medium and this is definitely going to be a "not the whole thing" toy for me, I generally stick to more modest sizes. Maybe I'll get a small someday too!

      Update...Loved it at first, but after awhile the friction from the nubs seemed to be making me go numb :( Maybe I would do better with a softer silicone (this was medium) because I did like them at first. Still, no complaints...maybe I'll try a small soft :)

      Shown split with Penny shaft and Hazelnut base.

      UPDATE - I did get a small! Much more my size. Nubs are interesting, I keep them to a slow speed, can still get unpleasant if moved too quickly. It's so wonderful that we have such BEAUTIFUL toys to experiment with because we know what curiosity did to the Tabaxi!