Your Dire Wolf

Your Dire Wolf

Your Dire Wolf

By Lenneth

Primal predator of the wood. You know the stories. Folks disappear around here. They don’t come back the way they went in.

Something leaves them. They return...different; changed by whatever they found in ways not fully perceivable. Their eyes glint in the dark, their minds forever elsewhere.

A sharp tension in the air rises and falls as they pass like fog in the night. Dogs bark at their presence; cats scurry away to the furthest alleyways.

These past few nights your head is filled with these stories. Your dreams fill you with a desire to wander those woods, to feel the grass beneath your toes along with something... more...

Something intrinsically primal tugs at your insides; a forbidden adventure you know is not possible within the confines of city walls.

After a fitful bout of sleep, your eyes fly open as you wake in a cold sweat. Your heart pounds, your legs twitch uncontrollably - were you running in your dream?

The images are already leaving you, but every one of your senses is alight.

Enough. You don’t even bother with a rucksack. Supplies, rations; for some reason you find yourself not thinking beyond this moment; you succumb to the feelings taking over your body.

Stepping into the cloak of night, you walk the long, winding roads to the edge of town beyond the reach of its civilized torches. The air grows cold...

The pavestones give way to rutted dirt, and soon you reach the edge of the forest. A fine mist flutters through the trees, bending and twisting slowly in some unfelt breeze.

Goosebumps rise from your limbs. Pausing, you take one last glance at the sky above. A round, golden moon peeks from behind a passing cloud - surely enough to cast light even through this thicket...

As you close your eyes the feeling, no... the longing takes its grip of you. You feel your legs begin to stride forward as if the woods are inviting you in, the outstretched limbs of the trees bending towards you in a welcoming embrace.

SNAP. The crunch of a branch in the forest rings through the silence, startling you out of your reverie.

Your eyes dart open, scanning the darkness. You see the lines and shadows form into trees as your eyes adjust, but the wood is silent and still.

Whatever made that sound makes no more, and you are left only with the sound of your breath in the night. The wood is pitch and silent.

Taking a few tentative steps at first, and then a few more, you slowly continue your aimless journey into the wood. As your heart calms you begin to chide yourself of your fear - these are just woods after all, and the dangers that “lurk” here must merely be tales to keep children at home.

Your mind drifts back to the feelings that brought you here in the first place, the longing to know what makes them, to...

To what? Your mind feels hazy, almost as if the fog enveloping the wood is permeating through you. Your thoughts begin to lose shape, words in your mind dissolve into impressions and feelings.

An almost undetectable scent finds your nose. Your mind and body are flooded with comfort - a sense of peace you’ve been missing every night for weeks on end.

Minutes pass; or are they hours? You’re no longer sure, nor do you care. You’ve left whatever path you once followed and your pace has smoothed.

The clouds long obscuring the golden moon have shifted, allowing filtered light to dance along the forest floor. Your limbs warm a bit and your thoughts become calm.

Then, in a second, the world tilts. That fear of the dark, of the woods, everything that had been quelled suddenly screams upwards from the pit of your belly and clenches your throat tight.

Your mind has only a moment to crystallize around one, simple thought as a flash of gold eyes glow just beyond your periphery... you must act now!

Fearsome canus. It has spotted you and you struggle to avert its gaze.

Something deep in your mind is drawn into those eyes, and you feel your knees buckle under an unforeseen force.

There's no time to brace for the coming impact but you find whatever strength you can to stand your ground. Planting your feet into the damp moss, you hope against hope that you can hold your own just as...

the massive, wolf-like creature leaps forward and slams into you. Everything hurts in an instant as thick, ebony fur forces its way into your mouth, your eyes.

Pressing you into the mud, the canine exerts all of its weight through the massive limbs around you.

Sinking its blade-like teeth into your shoulder, you start to wonder if this is the end for you. Your body burns as you try to cry out in agony, but the masses of fur are still suffocating you, muting your ability to scream.

Your upper arm is crushed under the mass of teeth. Terrifying, unnatural strength pierces muscle and bone. No longer able to cry out, you collapse into a heap on the forest floor, your mind begs for everything to be over; it pleads in silence to your fading consciousness.

To your desperate surprise, the wolf drops you from its mouth to let out a long howl. Your vision is blurring, but you can see those golden eyes glow brighter as the howl pierces your ears, your head.

An unknown amount of time passes. Your eyes open to the night sky, and your limbs are strangely warm. Mist rises from your skin as you remember what’s happening. The great beast sits by your feet with its head turned away from you.

Not wanting to alert it, you breathe as quietly as possible despite wanting to
let out a gasp. No matter. It knows you've woken. The beast stands, its massive body once again looms over you. It begins to sniff your body, its two massive front paws planted firmly alongside your waist.

As it leans in you wince, and the canine pushes its muzzle into your shoulder. The pain is dulling, surely a sign that you’re done for. You wonder if it means to eat you as it begins to tenderly lick the wound it created mere moments ago.

You’re prey, nothing more. Your thoughts resign to the inevitable. In that moment you choose to make eye contact with the shimmering gold and midnight peering down at you.

The narrow, predatory gaze upon you has turned to something you can’t read, something inquisitive, almost inspection-like. Your mind calms. Your limbs, growing warmer by the second, begin releasing their tension in rhythm with your breath.

As the great beast leans in, pressing its soft muzzle into your cheek, its hot, pungent breath fills your nostrils. The fear in your heart clashes with a strange sensation deep in the pit of your gut.

You swallow your fear and try to remain perfectly still, hoping that perhaps if you let this beast continue with... whatever it's doing, you may yet find your escape.

With the beast's eyes off your own, you start to examine it more closely, looking for some possible weakness.

As the golden moonlight cascades across its ebony fur, you see that this... wolf, if it's still fair to call it that, is the most massive specimen you've ever seen.

Its head, still sniffing behind your neck, must be roughly three times the size of your own. To your left and right two paws the size of your chest dig into the ground with darkened claws - each the size of a small dagger.

Beneath its fur you see the ripples of corded muscles built from years of successful hunts, and all told, you'd imagine that at full stand the beast would rival the size of many of the horses from your village.

A brief glimmer of hope causes you to steal a glance under the creature, thinking perhaps you could crawl out and away, but it is sitting back on his haunches, preventing all escape.

This creature has fed itself on the prey vastly larger and more dangerous than you for years. The pallor drains from your face - there's no chance for you to run to escape, no possibility you could ever match this in a test of strength.

Submission is all you can do, you realize - any opposition you could provide would be laughable at best. The calm of one who has resigned themself to their fate washes over you; maybe, if you offer no resistance, the beast will grow tired and end this quickly.

As the beast pulls its head back your eyes again make contact. Nose to yours he inhales deeply, the rush of air pulling your hair forward. You avert your eyes downwards as it inhales again, doing your best to not do anything that could be viewed as a challenge.

Leaning forward, it presses its wet nose into your cheek, pushing and prodding, continuing to take in your scent. Your heart skips a beat every time the wolf touches you, expecting the end at any moment, but slowly it falls into a steady rhythm, easing into a slow *thud-thud.*

As its head bends downwards you recall that wolves frequently disembowel their prey, and you take a deep breath as you prepare for the end. It's funny, your shoulder doesn't even hurt anymore - all that remains of the pain is a dull heat, a last bit of comfort in the cold.

The beast’s mouth snags upon the fabric of your tunic, tearing it easily from your body like parchment.

You close your eyes, preparing for the end as it licks the wound on your shoulder. You dare not look over to see what must be a ghastly sight.

Warmth continues to spread throughout your body. Your limbs feel like pins and needles, but have become looser and relaxed despite your situation.

Perplexed by the feelings sweeping through you, you open your eyes and the beast tilts its face from your shoulder to look at you. Why is there no blood on its

Your eyes dart to your shoulder in an instant; the wound is... it can’t be... the would is nearly gone! What had been torn asunder, exposing muscle and bone, has miraculously become whole again, save for some new skin that has replaced the old; scarred and grayed with a fuzzed texture.

What is happening to you?! Were there some toxins in the great wolf’s bite? Can it somehow heal the wounds it made mere moments ago? Are you somehow hallucinating this entire ordeal?

You don’t have long to think, as the wolf then uses its giant paw to flip you over to your stomach. Now flat against the earth, your chest pressed into the damp dirt and moss, you have even less idea of what is to become of yourself.

The beast, unphased by your plight, re-affirms its grip upon your sides and shoulders. It heaves its massive weight upon your back and the front of your body sinks fingers’ length into the ground.

You gasp for air as the weight of the creature compresses your chest, your breath shallow and weak as you struggle for each breath. Your vision blurs and you become light headed, the pins and needles from before mounting in number and intensity.

Pit, pat - you feel a warm liquid drip onto the back of your neck as drool falls from the maw of the creature above. You twist your head to the right as your eyes close, your entire body focused now only on drawing its next gasping breath.

A shift. Whether it was the weight of the creature above or something else, your breath begins to return to you in fits and starts. You still feel the creature on your back, hovering as if waiting for... something.

As your breathing eases, the pins and needs continue to grow in number, spreading across your arm and hand. Your eyes still closed, you clench your fists in an attempt to bear the pain. But...

It’s wrong. Your right hand, still alight with a thousand small fires of pain, feels numb and... heavy?

You can barely feel the texture of the grass beneath your hand, and you find it difficult to make a fist. It’s as if you were wearing a large, padded glove.

Squinting, you hope to see what’s going on. With your cheek pressed against the ground much of your view is still blocked by moss, and what you can see is obscured by the shadow of the hulking beast still upon your back.

What you can see though... it can’t be right. The fuzz you saw earlier on your wound has grown and spread, your arm’s entire silhouette almost appearing to shimmer in time with the hot breath of the beast above you. It’s also

That breath. The creature’s muzzle is sniffing up and down your arm, each exhalation causing the pin- pricks you felt before to grow and spread, but also cool and soothe. It’s as if there’s a front spreading across your arm (and now your chest), and in its wake is a feeling of... pleasure?

Your muscles and bones feel as though they are remaking themselves inside you, and your mind clouds.

An almost dreamlike state washes over you and the wolf grasps down upon you, deeper into the moss and mud, further into its clutch.

Its heartbeat, stronger than any you’ve known, pulses through both their body and across the surface of your own. You feel every beat, every pulse of blood through it’s limbs, and your own heart soon syncs to the powerful rhythm.

The rest of your clothing, trousers and all, tear away as your body reshapes itself into something else.

Your eyes narrow and your vision becomes stronger despite the darkness above.

The clothing that once adorned you begins sinking into the ground beneath you, yet you feel no shame or concern over the loss of it.

As your body changes, the direwolf slinks low behind you and begins to lick your rear with the tip of its tongue. What would normally have shocked you out of your skin feels... comforting, and begins to inspire what can only be feelings of desire. It can’t be? You think to yourself.

Unmistakable groans and pants of interest aspirate forward from your lungs. The direwolf brings more of its tongue forward, up and inside you. As though brought out by the newfound stimulation, a long, stiff tail grows out from your backside.

Fur sprouts forward and obscures the wolf’s vision, but you don’t want to
flee any longer.

Those thoughts are nothing but a foggy memory now. In your mind, a desperate desire to see where all this will lead has overtaken all your other thoughts. The wolf goes deeper, shoving its tongue further and harder into places you’ve never felt simulated before.

Your scalp tingles, and two arrowhead pointed ears form upon the top of your head. You flick them back and forth to confirm your control over them, and indeed they twitch and shift on your command. Your hearing now expands to several hundred paces further than ever before, and the whole forest is a chorus
of untamed life.

You know what’s happening, and you don’t care to stop it. You’ve come this far, why not let it go all the way? The Direwolf finishes licking you inside and out, and your desire has become full-blown desperation for more. Pheromones dance in the air between the two of you, and the great beast inhales
the night once more before bringing its hulking paws again around your shoulders.

With one swift motion, the Direwolf uses its entire mouth to envelop the scruff of your neck, not puncturing your skin but instead gripping it firmly to turn and press your face hard into the ground. All of the dominance asserted upon you makes you instinctively lean forward and raise your rear haunches
high into the air as the breeze blows between your legs.

You brace your legs and quiver in anticipation. Sensing your readiness, the great wolf leans into you from behind. The beast’s huge, hard erection grows against the inside of your thigh. You can’t believe the size of it; sprouting from a sheath that had been barely noticeable before.

You know what this means; the wolf now desires you in your changed body.
Looking back, you see the new fur on your thighs brushing against the beast’s shaft, its tip glistening with a bead of fluid. It repositions itself behind you, briefly bringing its massive girth away from your hindquarters.

The wolf presses its erection deep inside you, filling your new body with a brief, intense pain that quickly gives way to pleasure. It thrusts into you as far as it can, bringing its hips up against you and pausing in that position to relax its jaw, letting go of your neck.

Each thrust brings you further from reality, to a place of untamed lust and primal heat. Never before have you felt your entire being submit with such wild abandon. Your body is climbing a hill of pleasure towards some unknown peak, and you’d do anything to reach the summit.

As the great direwolf huffs into your ear, its pace quickens, thrusting harder and faster with each passing second. You struggle to breathe as your face and mouth are the last to reshape themselves. Gasps for air soon become a low, rapid panting.

The beast’s tremendous length grows ever stiffer inside you. Slippery fluids ooze from your hindquarters and your jaw drips drool onto the forest floor. ‘Don’t stop. Please.’ You silently beg within what little of your conscious mind remains. ‘So... close...’

It happens in an instant. The direwolf achieves climax and a rush of pressure comes forward with such strength that you immediately find release. Your orgasm is explosive yet exquisitely pleasurable, and at that moment you know you’ve been forever changed.

Alight with the energy of your simultaneous climax, your noses align with the moon above and you both howl your connection into the night.

You awake at home, inexplicably in your bed, neatly tucked underneath the covers. It seems impossible, but you tear off the covers to see your body has returned to normal! There isn’t a scratch to be found, though you do feel as though you haven’t slept in weeks.

By breakfast, you can no longer remember the previous night at all. Your chores take much longer than usual, and you crawl through the day with sore muscles and a piercing headache. After collapsing into bed, you pass into a wearied, dreamless sleep.

You move through the next few weeks withdrawn, exhausted. Somehow the village has become dull and depressing, but you can’t quite figure out why you feel this way.

Villagers seem to keep their distance from you, perhaps sensing your recent change of heart about your own town.

Twenty days later, you stare at the wood as you fish in the nearby river. Your energy has slowly returned to normal and your mood has leveled out. A growing tug at your insides is becoming bothersome.

The afternoon of the next full moon, you find yourself walking back down to the edge of the forest, and, without a moment of consideration, down into the wood. You’re purposefully marching to a place you no longer remember, your insides burning with impulse...

May the wild wood hear your song every full moon. May the villagers keep their distance, lest the wood invite them to join it forever.


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