The Ultimate Guide to Platinum Silicone Care

The Ultimate Guide to Platinum Silicone Care

A clean toy is a happy toy and to keep your monsters nice and happy we recommend the following


Wash thoroughly before and after every use with warm water and mild unscented dish soap, We use Seventh Generation Free & Clear . Avoid any soap that says "Moisturizing" as these often contain silicone.


Note these soaps contain Glycerin, which can irritate sensitive areas. If you are sensitive opt for a toy cleaner made specifically for silicone. 

You can also carefully submerge the toy in boiling water for 5-10 minutes for an extra level of clean. Wait until the toy has cooled completely before using.

Sometimes silicone can hold on to certain body smells, wiping your toy down with isopropyl alcohol can help remove this. Be sure to wash your toy well after. 

We don't recommend running your toys through a dishwasher cycle, this is mainly to avoid harsh detergent residue and food collecting on your toy. This should be done only in a clean dishwasher with no detergent and is only effective if you have a sanitize setting.

Dry completely before storing, by either air drying or patting with a clean terry microfiber towel. Towels can hold bacteria so be sure this is clean.


Do not store in contact with non-silicone toys such as Jelly toys, this can damage the silicone permanently. Use the provided dust bag if there is any uncertainty.

Avoid contact with fabric that has been treated with softener.

Do not store toys in very damp areas like showers, like any material mold may develop causing permanent damage. 

UV light can dull colors over time, avoid storing with prolonged exposure to sunlight. 


Do not use silicone based lubes on silicone toys, if accidental contact occurs wash thoroughly with warm water and soap. Use only water or oil based lubes. 

Do not use Lubricated condoms, use only un-lubricated condoms and add water based lubes. 

Silicone can be cut very easily, be cautious of fingernails. Do not cut, bite, scratch or pick. 

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