Good News Bard News!

Good News Bard News!

Hi Folks! 

We have some really exciting news to share 

Custom made to order toys are here!

These opened Thursday 8/24 and we have already finished our 1st round.

Things are a bit different this time around, especially if you are used to how our etsy shop worked. So here is a breakdown of what is new :

No more typing in personalization fields

All available options are now in dropdown menus. Each menu has been carefully crafted to cut down on confusion or errors from typing in a personalization section.


Limit of 3 unique colors

We have simplified this a bit, it will absolutely help us avoid burnout and make sure we can offer consistent results with our pour types. 

Extended shipping times

Previously we tried to ship everything next day, this led to a lot of late nights and several hours on the weekend. We have extended production time to be 1-2 weeks to take a bit of that pressure off. As soon as items are made we process the next shipping day (Mon/Wed/Fri). 2 weeks is maximum, but we hope to never hit that time frame.

New specialty pours

We have taken some of our most popular pour styles and added them as choices for your pour style. Right now this includes Glow Rainbows and Cow prints on the Minotaur. We intend to expand and rotate these every few months so stay tuned to our twitter or subscribe to the newsletter to see what's coming up!

We really wanted to be able to offer customs again, it just took a bit of time for us to wrap our brains around how we could make it easier for everyone.

The new customs listings are a bit complicated at first glance, but the order notes we receive are streamlined and we now have a very good understanding of just what you want :)

As always we are here to help and if you have any questions, we are only an email away

Thank you for your continued support and love!


BONUS Kitty update!!!!

Lilith is growing faster than we can keep up. Just a month ago she fit in the palm of our hand, now she is busy jumping on and off of everything she can possibly reach. She will be a wild wild girl. 


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