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    Custom Arcane Hand Reversible Stroker

    Custom Arcane Hand Reversible Stroker

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    Channel Width

    New! Our 1st beginner friendly stroker! Designed to be reversible with 4 entry points, this stroker can be turned inside out for various texture experiences.

    Check out our video to see it in action here : Arcane Hand Reversible Stroker

    Designed by our friend Nix check out their other work on twitter @ScaledSin
    and Monster Smash

    Please note the trimmed side of the stroker, when reversing please start from the untrimmed side. 

    2 Channel widths to fit any adventurer

    • Tight
    • Loose

    2 firmness options to choose from, this may feel firmer with the tight channel

    • Super Soft 00-20 - Feels similar gummy candy (Recommended)
    • Soft 00-30 - Feels similar to a gel insole. This will be harder to reverse

    Includes suction plug to create internal suction for smaller adventurers.

    Customize to fit your fantasy with a wide variety of colors and pour styles to chose from.

    This is a hand poured made to order item, production time may vary. 

    All of our fantasy adult toys are made with body safe platinum cure silicone and ship discreetly in a plain brown box!

    Please review our Shop Policies before purchasing

    Approximate Measurements

    Outer Circumference: 8.5" / 21.8cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.73"
    Inner Circumference Avg: 3.125" / 8cm ; Avg Diameter: 1"
    Total/Useable Length: 4.75" / 12.2cm
    Suction Plug Height: 1.125" / 2.8cm

    Outer Circumference: 8.5" / 21.8cm ; Avg Diameter: 2.73"
    Inner Circumference Avg: 4.5" / 11.5cm ; Avg Diameter: 1.44"
    Total/Useable Length: 4.75" / 12.2cm
    Suction Plug Height: 1.125" / 2.8cm

    Color Chart

    Pour Styles

    Standard Pour Styles

    Single : The entire toy is one single solid color

    Marble Fade : Color 1 of your choice will be at the top, with a slight marble as it fades into color 2.

    Full Marble : Two colors are marbled Randomly throughout the whole monster.

    Highlight : The first color will be the coating/wash, this is on both the inner and outer texture. The Second color will be the backing color. 

    Surprise Me : Give us colors you like and don't like, and we will pick a pour style for you!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    OS/0030 'Slime Stripe' Arcane Hand

    The in use portion of this review is from my partner, as I lack the equipment to review it properly!

    Aesthetically the texture on the outside is GREAT for gripping, even with lube on your hands. The whole setup is nearly exactly the size of an average American Coke can, nearly as round and as tall for sure. The Bards came through AGAIN with their skilled pouring techniques to make goopy, slimy green stripes on a stark white background for me. I loveLOVE their UV, and their GITD is both vivid and bright. In 0030 it is not AS soft as it would be in the recommended 0020 [catch my review of it in 0020 in a week or so from this post] but the stretch is still good.

    As told to me by my partner:
    "The inner texture is subtle but it feels great. My hands are kinda big [he's 6'4 320lbs] but its still easy to hold even when I spill some lube. The backthing [plug] that makes suction really works, even if the suction part isn't for me. The thing you did with the lube was good [I put lube on the lip of the plug to promote suction] even if I like it without. I feel like, from how it feels on my hand, I'm gonna like the outside as the inside better, but we'll see. Thanks for making Them so many toys guys, you rock."

    As a pair we REALLY like the Arcane Hand and I'm hoping its his gateway drug into the word of strokers/pens xD